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The year is 2108: Giant Bomb's 100th Anniversary. You play as Z, an android detective in a dystopian San Francisco, working on behalf of a mysterious client.

Programmed specifically with the knowledge of every Giant Bomb related piece of media from the past 100 years by your employer, embark on a quest through Giant Bomb's history to try to restore it to its former glory.

Good luck players! 

(Note: Recommended to be played in Firefox)

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Delightful-- I genuinely laughed out loud at the Billy Squire bit.  I actually considered using The Stroke as Dan's level music in my game but wondered if that would cause issues with streaming it (I looked it up and it depends on who owns the song and if they enforce it and that kind of stuff and... Billy Squire's gotta be broke, right?)

Two notes: 

You should have put the holographic Ryan head in your thumbnail


"You ponder what could have been as you approach the elevator." might be my favorite line in any choose your own adventure I've ever read.


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Thank you so much for playing! I really appreciate it! I genuinely loved your game and it is my favorite of the jam (Well, one of my favorites! There are so many ones I loved!) It was super polished and well done and just a perfect homage to Punch Out!

Glad you liked the Stroke Me bit with Dan haha. I genuinely don't want anyone to be spoiled though so I'm not going to put any of the in-game screenshots on the page. Part of the fun is the reveal!

DM me what ending you first got too! I'd love to hear your thoughts! This was my first game and it was lot of fun but a lot of hard work!